The evolution of Luke Combs concerts!

The evolution of Luke Combs concerts!

Hey everybody!

In 2016/2017, a period marked by relentless lows, I faced the worst 18 month stretch of my life. During that 18th month stretch, my dog, Mr Butters, passed away, and my cousin, who was one of my closest friends, passed away as well. I was battling depression, anxiety, and experiencing grief that I never knew existed before. 

I was seeking a mental vacation and I visited Houston, Texas to reconnect with old friends. I lived in Houston for 2 1/2 years and I have many friends from the great state of Texas. A spontaneous decision to attend a concert with my friend turned into seeing Luke Combs before he became a household name., The tickets were discounted tickets and it was a great night out with friends. The music, the crowd, and the energy of the performance provided a much-needed escape.

Click here to watch the recap of my experience and let me know what you think.

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